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Hi Everyone!

My name is John and I am a real person and full time internet marketer!  I live in Cape Town, South Africa and run this review site, Digital Marketing Sphere!

Below is a picture of me so you know that I am a real dude of flesh& blood! LOL! 🙂

I am an affiliate marketer since ± 2010 and absolutely love anything internet marketing related. I’ve put together this review website to help you guys out when considering what internet marketing products to buy, as I will give you a full and honest review of these products, something a lot of internet marketing reviewers don’t do. If a product is great I will tell you,if its not I will also tell you!

I have been in the online world for many years and have a wealth of experience, so please read, watch and take in my reviews, they will help get you started on your internet marketing career and will no doubt save you a lot of $$$!

Please feel free to leave me any constructive comments or email me and I will personally get back to you.

Regards, John

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