Snaply Review

Snaply Review


Value for Money


Ease of Training





  • An easy method for beginners to start earning affiliate commissions!
  • Can be used for list building
  • Can be used for CPA offers


  • Making thousands of $ per day is unlikely, but if you scale it up you can make a few hundred a day

Snaply Review

Go through my Snaply review below to see how you can also start generating affiliate commissions in no time!

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In my Snaply review below I’ll be doing a totally honest and objective evaluation of the Snaply product, created by 2 seasoned marketers, Aiden Corkery and Art Flair.

Snaply is Aiden’s brainchild and he decided to team up with Art to finalise and launch the Snaply product.

Last time I checked, Aiden was still a school teacher, who discovered and mastered affiliate marketing to generate an extra income.

Snaply Review
Snaply Review

When you log into Snaply’s members area, you’ll find 18 videos in total in which Aiden takes you by the hand and explains to you all the steps in layman’s terms.

Snaply used Snapchat & Facebook combined to generate free traffic in any niche and drive it to your respective affiliate offers in an easy and fun way. While the aforementioned method isn’t totally new, it’s the first time that I see it get applied in this specific manner.

Snaply Review
Snaply Review

The Snaply training videos will show you how to utilize pictures, especially GIFs and clickable images to catch people’s attention and get those people to click on them. All of the traffic sources mentioned in the training are free methods, so no worries there.

Here is the Snaply Overview Video:

I’ve done marketing on Facebook to some extent, but with this new Snapchat method, I realised that marketing on social media doesn’t begin & end with Facebook.

What I also like about this Snaply course, is that the training also includes case studies, which is always a good thing, because then you can see exactly what the product creator did to get the claimed results.

If you add a squeeze page to the mix, you can also use this method to capture the buyers’ contact details before you send them to the actual offer and at the same time build your email list.

SNAPLY is an over-the-shoulder video course and the Training Area consists out of 18 bite-size videos as listed below:

  • SNAPLY Overview
  • Module 1 – How to Start
  • Module 2 – How to use the Features
  • Module 3 – Creating Your Avatar
  • Module 4 – Creating Images
  • Module 5 – Creating Video Content
  • Module 6 – Build Your Following For Free
  • Module 7 – 24h Results
  • Module 8 – Promoting Affiliate Offers
  • Module 9 – Eye Grabbing Posts & Driving Traffic
  • Module 10 – How To Structure Your Bonus Page
  • Module 11 – Engagement
  • Module 12 – Results With 100% Free Snaply Traffic (Case Study #1)
  • Module 13 – $214.9 With 100% Free Snaply Traffic (Case Study #2)
  • Module 14 – Growing Your Account Fast
  • Module 15 – Driving Even More Traffic
  • Module 16 – Building a Targeted FB Following
  • Bonus Traffic Case Study

OTO 1 of Snaply are Case Studies & Advanced Training

OTO 2 of Snaply is a complete Done For You Pack

OTO 3 of Snaply is a Resellers Licence



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