BribeShare 2.0 Review

BribeShare 2.0


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BribeShare 2.0 Review

In this BribeShare 2.0 Review I’m going to tell you how you can get your website visitors to generate you quality traffic through social sharing.

What exactly is BribeShare about? BribeShare 2.0 is the Easiest Platform To Upgrade Your Social Buttons And Increase Social Traffic. With BribeShare 2.0, you can give visitors a real reason to click on the social buttons on your site.

BribeShare 2.0 Review
BribeShare 2.0 Review

Easy, just create social buttons that have “bribes” behind the buttons and instruct the software to automatically release the pre-loaded gifts when a visitor shares via any of the social buttons. In effect, you ask people to “pay” with a social share to get access to your video, coupon, or a digital download.

I guess you probably already have a few social share buttons on your website, but people need some incentive to spark their interests and get their cooperation to share. Even if people DO like your website’s content, they never click the share buttons because they’re not bothered about you, your benefits or your traffic.

With the aid of BribeShare 2.0, you can vastly improve the social performance of your blog or website, get more shares, likes, follows and attract the quality traffic from social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn you always wanted.

So, just how can Bribeshare 2.0 add value to your current business?
– It can Drive massive Social Traffic to your website and offers
– It’s The Easiest Way thinkable To Get More Social Shares
– It Builds Quality Fans And Followers for you
– Improves your site’s SEO Ranking
– Takes Advantage Of All Popular Social Networks
– Converts Visitors To Leads and also sales, so it Gets you More Clients

In a nutshell, you can “Bribe” visitors with coupons, articles, PDF’s, music or any kind of digital download’s
Do Unlimited Campaigns
You have a 100mb upload limit
On Facebook, Twiiter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Linkedin

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I trust you’ve enjoyed my BribeShare 2.0 Review.

Speak soon, J.

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